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Liana Schmidt

‘Building for Success’   April 15, 2014

Story by Kathryn R. Burke
Liana Schmidt

Liana Schmidt, Silver Mountain Design

Liana is an architect with a unique sense of design for high mountain country. She lives in —and works from— Ridgway, Colorado, ‘Gateway to the San Juans’ — soaring mountains, which offer some of the most photographed mountain scenery in the world.

Talk about creative inspiration!

Liana began her creative journey in Argentina. Native to that country, she studied architecture in Buenos Aires, the second largest metropolitan area in South America. With nearly 13 million people, the city, a vibrant mix of old and new architecture and myriad cultures, is a worldwide tourist destination.

Downsizing considerably, Liana’s next stop was Park City Utah, home to a little over 8000 people and named by Forbes Traveler Magazine in 2011 as one of the 20 ‘prettiest towns’ in the United States. At 8300’ Park City is an old silver mining town transformed into a modern ski resort. Sixty-four Victorian buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, while resorts incorporate the latest architectural amenities.


Home in Log Hill, near Ridgway, Colo.

And now. . . Ridgway, a tiny town at the top of the scenically magnificent San Juan Skyway and its multitude of historic silver mining towns. Less than 1000 permanent residents reside in pastoral Ridgway—once a marketing center for surrounding ranches and railroad shipping center for the mines. Like Liana, most who live here are avid outdoor enthusiasts. And many, like Liana, possess an indomitable creative sprit.

No wonder Liana named her architectural firm Silver Mountain Design.

Her designs reflect her journey: light and airy with creative and careful use of space. The terrain here can be difficult – steep and rugged and often with few flat building surfaces. Light poses a problem—dark comes early in valleys nestled beneath the soaring mountains. Our unpolluted air is crisp and clean . . . and often cold, so planning for heat, fresh air and ventilation can be a challenge. Liana is well-prepared to meet those design challenges. She conquers them with understanding of the landscape and sensitivity to her clients’ needs. Learn more about Liana’s creative journey and architectural projects when she visits with WCOC on Tuesday, April 15.

WCOC Monthly meetings are held from 1-3 pm on the third Tuesday every month in the San Juan Room of the Ouray Community Center. Regular meetings for 2013-14 feature “Uncommon Women: Uncommon Lives, Part III” with guest speakers who have interesting and unusual occupations for a woman. The public is welcome. Click here to view the list of past and future guest speakers.

Following the guest presentation, guests and members enjoy a social period with refreshments and an opportunity to view various projects and sign up for committee activities. The regular membership meeting follows, which addresses upcoming events and activities, shares “Cares and Concerns” with members, and reviews other membership business.

Members and guests are asked to bring a monthly contribution to the Ouray County Food Pantry, aluminum cans for the Elks’ recycling project, and any used cloth for the Second Chance Humane Society’s recycling project. The WCOC “sign-up marathon” featuring volunteer opportunities for seven upcoming spring/summer projects will be also available on April 15th.

Visit Liana’s website, Silver Mountain Design.